Holiday Event Spaces that Deck the Halls

Festive, colonial and sophisticated are three words I feel perfectly describe the spectacular spaces in the Hay-Adams Hotel this holiday season.  They have functioning small, medium and large event spaces. Not only do they have cozy rooms to sip eggnog by the fire but the Lafayette room and Top of the Hay are so bathed in light that you holiday with brighten with the airy feel and view of the snowflakes falling.

In Washington DC there are few hotels that capture the Colonial American style as well as the Hay Adams Hotel. They have made, Ambassadors, Congressmen and Presidents feel at home within their walls for decades. That is why it is the perfect location to celebrate a Washington Christmas. Feel the all-american taste of the holidays, settling into a dinner at the Top of the Hay, where you can look out onto the National Mall and down at the White House itself.

This large and sunlit room has it’s own terrace so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city if you need a break from the dance floor. But has enough space to fit a banquet of around 350 people! The space host’s the hotel’s Christmas Tea, a D.C tradition, as well as Thanksgiving Brunch, who’s carving table is to die for.

A favorite location for weddings and brunches this venue still has openings for the holiday season! As is the cozy Hay-Adams room now that we mention it! Complete with fireplace and wood paneling, this space is more intimate  and fit’s a medium size group.  It is not hard to picture carving a turkey in that room!

The colonial style of the Hay-Adams is on display in the Concorde Room where landscapes and 17th century scenes surround you.  A large family dinner could easily be accommodated in this room. If that table extender doesn’t quite fit all the aunts and uncles this could be a great option, or a comfortable space for a Hanukkah party for a small office.

Whether it is the chandeliers or the gilded accents The Lafayette room is a space that has so much elegance, not to mention an excellent view of Lafayette park! A sunny space during the day, a holiday brunch is a great way to say thank you to all the people that have made your year special. And at night, the glimmering crystal on the tables and classic feel of the space surely stand out  in your memory as an evening not to forget.

The Hay-Adams Hotel has a history and style like no other, which is why it’s spaces are so in demand, but this year reserve your event early and make this holiday season especially unique.



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