Tips and Tricks to Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue, things aren’t always easy. A wedding venue has to fulfil an awful lot of requirements, after all. It’s got to be big enough to accommodate a specific number of guests. It’s got to have suitable accommodation facilities if the wedding ceremony and reception is to be held in a remote location. It’s got to be luxurious enough and entertaining enough to keep guests happy, say the experts at In other words, it’s got to be breathtaking on the inside and out.

Fortunately, the UK is full of locations that are ideal for exclusive use wedding venues. There are majestic castles, magnificent stately homes, beautiful private gardens and stunningly ornate churches and cathedrals. There are also lots of locations that are perfect for couples who dont want to go down the traditional church and village-hall route. Here’s a guide to finding the right wedding venue for your big day.

Do You Want To Get Married Close To Home?

This is the first question that you should ask yourselves when considering where it is you want to get married. Usually, the answer depends entirely on a couple’s budget – most people would always choose to get married away from home if they could afford it, says John Lewis insurance. If money isn’t an issue, you have the freedom to search for a suitable venue much further afield. Why not consider getting wed somewhere completely private and exclusive? Places like Spitbank Fort, a private island in the south of England, can be completely booked out for use by your wedding party and your wedding party only. Spitbank Fort has the necessary legal rights to perform a marriage ceremony, as well as the space and the facilities to accommodate a medium sized wedding party.

What Time Of Year Are You Getting Married?

The answer to this question will greatly influence the type of wedding venue that you choose. Summer weddings are, obviously, best suited to beautiful gardens, backdrops and beaches – they can be performed and celebrated in almost any open-air venue. Winter weddings aren’t any more difficult to accommodate than summer weddings, but they do have different requirements. For example, if your guests are going to be staying in your chosen venue for a night or for the entire weekend – they’re not going to want to be cooped up, even in winter. Look for venues that offer outdoor facilities too – things like fire pits, warm smoking shelters, golf courses and nature trails.

Are You Arranging Travel For Your Guests?

You can only really expect to get married somewhere like Spitbank Fort or the breathtakingly beautiful Isle of Jura in Scotland, if you’re also planning to arrange travel for your wedding party. It isn’t fair to ask your guests to pay for the cost of travel to a very remote or hard to find venue, so do factor this into your decision when considering the perfect wedding location, says Paula Jones from

Do You Need Facilities For Children Or Elderly People?

Once again, very private or exclusive locations like Osea Island in Essex or the famous Treehouse Lodge in Loch Goil Scotland are great for smaller wedding parties that don’t include very young or very elderly individuals. However, if your party does include children or people with decreased mobility – you are going to have to consider whether or not your chosen venue is suitable for these guests. A private island is, undoubtedly, a dream wedding venue for most, but only if all guests can be safely and securely accommodated. Remember – it is your big day and you are responsible for it.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox has been a wedding planner for seven years. He held his own ceremony and reception at the exclusive use wedding venue, Spitbank Fort. Kevin believes that almost any venue can be made to fit any couple.

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