Fine Art at the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner

Traveling to DC you can expect new and intriguing art exhibits at the Smithsonian museums, Phillips Collection, the US Capitol Art Collection – to name a few- but you might not expect to find a fine collection of art in your own hotel! Whether in the lobby, a foyer, ballroom, bar, club, or a suite, there are beautiful pieces of artwork throughout the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner.

Jane Everett, one of the featured artists, describes her series for the hotel as “the memory of landscape and the way it is experienced is better expressed in reflection.” Her waterscape paintings verge on the abstract, using complex layers of color to render the undulating surface of water in an intricate study of light and form.

We highly suggest you take the time to enjoy works from other featured artists including: Ginny Herzog, Maya Eventov, Geoffrey Hunter, Nathan Birch, and Jonathan Linton. It’s practically an entire museum in the privacy of your own hotel! For more information, please visit the Sheraton Premiere website.

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