Plunge into Summer at the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner

Along with its rich history, historic monuments, and political fervor, Washington is famous for its long, hot summers. With temperatures consistently above 80¡F from May until August, you will certainly want to find a way to stay cool and enjoy the sun! Luckily, the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner has not one but two pools to plunge into! The Sheraton is the only hotel in the area to have both an indoor and outdoor pool for you to enjoy!

The outdoor pool is nestled on a beautiful patio and sunny throughout with shade provided by verdant trees. Frolicking in the sun is so much more enjoyable in the privacy of the Sheraton’s pools!

Accessed by either a spiral staircase or through the newly renovated gym, the pristine indoor pool is flocked by cushioned lounge chairs and walled floor-to-ceiling with glass. These allow for natural sunlight to flood the room, filling the pool with summer’s warmth and inviting relaxation for you and your fellow travelers! For more information, please visit the Sheraton at Tysons Corner website.

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