Quill at The Jefferson is Stargazing for its Cocktail Inspirations

Head over to Quill at The Jefferson, Washington, DC, where the bartenders are contemplating the compatibility of your horoscope and creating Zodiac Zingers, enthralling libations with flavors to echo your zodiac sign’s unique characteristics.

Celebrating those born under the sign of Gemini (May 21 – June 20), the bartenders at Quill have crafted a cocktail to complement Gemini’s mysterious duality, and created a drink of gin, lime, mint, simple syrup and Laphroaig.  You decide – is it a mojito, or is it a smoky, Scotch-y cocktail?  Like the sign, the Gemini is comfortably, unaccountably, two at once.

With their sights on Cancer, Quill’s mixologists are looking ahead and have created an enigmatic and moody cocktail to match the temperament of the “Moon Child.”  From June 21  – July 20, enjoy a unique blend of pineapple rum, dark rum, chai, brown sugar, nutmeg and chocolate bitters and embrace Cancer’s alluring and romantic spirit.

And if you are celebrating a birthday between now and July 20th, thank your lucky stars!  Our featured Zodiac Zinger … is on the house.

Quill at The Jefferson, Washington, DC –1200 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC20036 – (202) 448-2300 – jeffersondc.com – facebook.com/thejeffersondc

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