Blossoms and Bubbles at the Topaz Hotel

In 1912, Japan gave the United States 3,020 cherry blossom trees as a gift to celebrate their growing friendship. Every year since, these lovely trees bloom in our nation’s capital bringing people from all around the world to Washington DC. Topaz Hotel is honoring this annual tradition by offering their Blossoms and Bubbles special to out of town guests. Upon arrival, your kids will be given bubbles to blow while outside celebrating the warm weather and blossoms — your entire family will enjoy this vacation. Enjoy deluxe luxury accommodations as well as a $30 credit per day to use towards parking. You will even discover hand-made cherry blossom soap in your bathroom – this hotel is going all out! You will be able to bring a bar of soap back home with you when you leave as a memento of the cherry blossoms. Lastly, unwind after a long day of tourist attractions with a complimentary sake libation at the hotel’s wine hour. These famous blossoms only bloom once a year so don’t miss out on this great special or your opportunity to see their beauty! For more information, visit the Topaz Hotel website.

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