Mandarin Oriental Spa Offers CACI Beauty Treatment

Featured article from Pamela’s Punch– Everyone needs some “me time”; don’t pretend like you don’t.  And by “me time”,  I mean actually doing something that is healthful, mindful and restorative for your body, brain, and soul.  Since “me time” is all about personal satisfaction, people pick and choose their poison.  Some need more than others and some care to do certain activities on some days and others on other days.  One of my favorite “me time” methods of choice is going to a spa – ALONE.  Granted, girlie groups and mom/sister/friend things are fun, but when I want to gain the most out of my time at the spa, I go han solo and I don’t feel alone. I feel at peace, present, and in the moment.  Actually, back in 2009 and 2010, I went to Miraval Resort in Tuscon, AZ by myself and both times turned into life changing moments.

One of my latest spa excursions in D.C. was to the Mandarin Oriental, still one of my top choices for day spas in the area.  I love it for a number of reasons, one of which is the way guests are greeted in the reception area with a bamboo tray holding a tiny cup of hot tea next to a warm white wash towel. Visitors remove shoes there and they are placed on another tray and are presented with slippers.  It’s very respective and traditional.  I also appreciate the spa’s calm serenity.  Everything from the coloring to the quietness, to the orchid blossoms left here and there and the Asian influence brings a sense of pure peacefulness.

Within the spa, one can do the heat & water experience, the women have the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room (love this room, it’s like a mosaic tiled living room), Color Experience Shower, Vitality Pool with Hydotherapy Jets, Ice Fountain, and Relaxation Lounge, which by far, is one of the nicest I’ve been in.  The only other relaxation room that compares is The Peninsula in New York City where it was literally like being in a bedroom, tucked in, nestled, perfect for not only relaxing but downright sleeping. I wanted to ship the bed to my home in a Queen size.  Men get the Dry Sauna and Warm Plunge Pool.  Yes, men enjoy spas too! … Read Full Article >>


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